Tools for Teaching

In 1951, the Winterthur Collection reflected H.F. du Pont's passion for furniture and decorative arts dating from 1640 to 1860. Today, much older and also more modern objects are sometimes added to the collection when it is determined that their historical or cultural value will add the museum's educational mission.

Winterthur attracts students and scholars from around the world and offers a variety of educational opportunities built upon object-based learning, including school programs, academic conferences, public lectures, exhibitions, tours, and research fellowships. In addition, a partnership with the University of Delaware allows graduate students studying American material culture and art conservation to train at Winterthur. These items serve a critical purpose as teaching and study objects and expand the Winterthur collection across media for researchers, students, and the general public.

Image: Winterthur educators frequently compare modern objects to historic examples when illustrating the concept of "change over time." Photo by Nat Caccamo.