A Closer Look

Research at Winterthur is an ongoing process. Follow the links below to read recent discoveries about objects in Collecting for the Future, first posted to the Winterthur Museum blog, Winterthur Unreserved.

Chinese Export Porcelain, Swedish Iron, and Beer: A Union of Late 18th-Century Global Connections

An extraordinary pair of Chinese export porcelain mugs recently donated to Winterthur and featured in our exhibition, Collecting for the Future: Recent Additions to the Winterthur Collection, has a fascinating private as well as global history.Likely produced in the late 1700s … Read More

A “Crazy” Quilt and its Revolutionary (War) History

Winterthur does not always acquire objects in pristine condition, untouched by time. For some objects, the years have not been kind. At some point, they have been purposefully altered, accidentally broken, or their histories forgotten. However, in their new state, … Read More

The Julia Child of Needlework

In late 2015, the family of Erica Wilson (1928-2011) donated many of her needlework creations to Winterthur. Quite modern compared to the majority of Winterthur’s decorative arts collection (most of which were made before 1860), Wilson’s works are an exciting … Read More

The Remarkable Life and Career of a Free African-American Cabinetmaker

This mid-19th-century mahogany veneer dressing bureau, one of Winterthur’s newest furniture acquisitions, is a visually striking object with an even more striking history. Although the dresser conforms to popular urban furniture designs of its era (with its distinctive carved bracket … Read More